The CSRI Academy Challenge 2017 Winner Announced
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The CSRI Academy Challenge 2017 Winner Announced

The second edition of the Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI) Academy Challenge, a global initiative aimed at students and young graduates, has come to an end. This year, the contestants were challenged to elaborate on the future of politics. The topic proved to be popular among the young academics: 208 papers from 39 countries were submitted. Meet the winner of this year's challenge, Sergey Litvinenko.

The competition was open for students and recent graduates from around the world. During the first stage of the challenge, online submissions were reviewed by the members of the Academic Review Board, a panel of leading academics, whose task was to select 20 entries for the next round. The selected contestants then had the opportunity to develop their work further with the help of professors from renowned universities. To avoid any biases, the submissions were blind-reviewed at both stages.

CSRI Academy Challenge 2017

Sergey Litvinenko, a 21-year-old Master of Finance student at Boston College in the US, won the 2017 CSRI Academy Challenge thanks to his highly analytical paper assessing different scenarios for the global political order over the next decade. During stage 2 of the competition, he worked with Professor Jeffry Frieden from Harvard University to develop his paper into a longer piece.

"I am extremely excited about this award and look forward to exploring the opportunities the CSRI platform offers and the many doors it will open, as we have seen with last year's Academy Challenge winner, Stefani Kostadinova. I found the ideas challenge to be incredibly valuable and motivating. With limited time to deliver a new perspective on an important topic and guidance from a world-renowned professor, the contest could not have been more appealing!" commented Litvinenko.

As part of the prize, Litvinenko earned the opportunity to attend the upcoming CSRI meeting in New York on the future of politics, as well as to co-author the Institute's report on the same topic.

CSRI Academy Challenge 2017

Are We Heading towards a "Constructive/Aggressive" Scenario?

The young scholar believes that it is what we can expect to happen within the next ten years. In his winning essay, he suggests that there is strong evidence supporting his view: "[…] Who would have predicted a year ago that Brexit would happen and Mr. Trump would become the President of the US? Besides bringing populism onto the scene, these two events have the capacity to shape the most likely scenario for the next decade. Brexit brought to the surface the inherent vulnerability of the European Union, and Mr. Trump's administration promotes protectionist agenda by pursuing national interests globally.

The European Union and the euro zone are being challenged as political and monetary entities not only by economic realities but also by the recent immigration crisis and growing national insecurities.

Russia (…) wages aggressive politics promoting its national interests in the Middle East and Ukraine, acting as a balancing force yet not as a constructive one. Recently, Turkey has held a referendum to expand powers of the president, thereby making Turkey an authoritarian state.

Latin American, South American, and African countries are focusing on domestic affairs and reaping the consequences of the existing world order leaders' actions. For example, Venezuela and the oil drama."

Meet this year's CSRI Academy Challenge Winner Sergey Litvinenko

Source: Credit Suisse

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CSRI Academy Network

The CS Research Institute invites the top 20 authors to join the CSRI Academy Network in recognition of their ideas and hard work. The network has been designed to connect bright-minded students and recent graduates with leading experts to jointly develop fresh perspectives on economic and political trends.

Urs Rohner, Chairman of the CSRI and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Credit Suisse Group commented: "Working with bright, young people and including them in the current debate is crucial to our future – and that is exactly what the Credit Suisse Research Institute does. In this year's academy challenge on the future of politics, participants from across the world again contributed with a broad range of new, fresh perspectives."

His words were echoed by Lucia Waldner, Head of the CSRI, who added: "With the CSRI Academy, we have created a platform for students and recent graduates to promote their views. We also support their career development and introduce them to some of the world's leading minds."