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Tech companies transforming the way we live

Entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to make a difference. In doing so many are developing technology that can transform the way we live. How do investors find these groundbreaking companies?

Imagine using your computer without a keyboard or touch screen just by moving your hands. And for lunch you eat a steak that is entirely man-made and not produced from a cow.

These are just some of the transformative technologies showcased at the 6th Private Innovation Circle, a place where investors and entrepreneurs come together.

Transforming the way we eat

Aleph Farms is a foodtech company developing the technology to grow meat from single beef cells therefore reducing the need to slaughter cows.

Transforming the lives of African farmers

Pula is an insurance and technology company which uses satellite images to predict the amount of rainfall and provides insurance to small scale farmers to prevent loss of earnings during drought.

Transforming the way we interact with computers

Ultraleap is an augmented reality company using haptic technology to transform the way we interact with computers meaning we can touch and move components using ultrasound.