Taming the Queues at the Zurich Opera House
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Taming the Queues at the Zurich Opera House

Credit Suisse provided client service of a very special kind at the Zurich Opera House's season opening party. CS volunteers stood in line for some of the visitors to the many events and brought some variety into this otherwise tedious chore.

There were plenty of queues in evidence on September 23, 2017, at Zurich's Sechseläutenplatz. It was the day of "Offen6", Zurich Opera House's sixth season opening. From ten in the morning until late into the evening, there were numerous free events from the worlds of opera, ballet, and classical music, and thousands of visitors flocked to the Opera House to take part. Many offerings – including face-painting, a tour of the costume department, and outdoor performances at the Sechseläutenplatz – could be visited freely, but visitor numbers were restricted for some events, and those who were keen to attend had no choice but to get in line. There were good reasons for doing so. For children there was "Paddington Bear's first concert" and "Witch Hillary goes to the opera." For adults, there were behind-the scenes guided tours through the make-up and catering departments. Tickets were also required for the ballet training, rehearsal and workshops and, of course, for the dress rehearsal of "Salome" at 8 p.m. on the Opera House's main stage.

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Credit Suisse Stood in Line

Now there were two options. You could stand in line yourself, or you could find someone kind enough to do it for you. And that's precisely what Credit Suisse enabled with its special campaign under the motto "Queuing made easy6." Bank employees gave up their free Saturday to queue for others at the Sechseläutenplatz. Visitors who were tired of standing in line could buy a ticket for the wheel of fortune, and lucky winners would then be replaced in the line by a CS volunteer who would queue for the desired tickets. To make the waiting less arduous, there were chairs to sit on and goodies from mobile vendors. A balloon artist worked his magic to create wonderful animals for the children – and the time simply flew by. Whether some of the lucky winners spent the time they gained not standing in line for tickets on this sunny Saturday in another queue at the ice cream store across the street will remain a mystery.