Supertrends: Climate Protection – a Key Value for Millennials
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Supertrends: Climate Protection – a Key Value for Millennials

The Millennials are one of the largest generations in history and soon reaching maturity as investors. Their values – particularly caring about the environment and climate change – are most likely to become ever more influential topics and fuel growth in areas such as sustainable investment and clean energy. 

Fifty percent of the world's population is under the age of 30, and the values of this generation are set to become the norm. The term "Millennials" (or "Generation Y") refers to those of 19-35 years of age, and "Generation Z" refers to those under the age of 19. We refer to them simply as "Millennials," a cohort whose behavioral tendencies have been the subject of extensive research in recent years.

Characteristics of Millenials

Characteristics of Millennials

Source: Credit Suisse

We at Credit Suisse are ready to meet the Millennials' expectations in a focused investment theme that makes their values a priority:

  • Sustainable investments: Millennials are the most sustainability-conscious generation and are willing to pay more for products and services seen as sustainable or coming from socially and environmentally responsible companies. When they invest, they focus on companies that meet environmental, social and governance standards.
  • Clean energy: Millennials worry about the future of the environment and feel responsible for it. In this context, CO2 emissions are a key concern. This is why Millennials support clean tech, e.g. renewable energy, electric vehicles or smart buildings and energy efficiency.
  • Impact investments: Millennials are willing to support enterprises that generate a positive social and/or environmental impact, by way of philanthropy or in addition to financial returns. Credit Suisse connects the bottom with the top of the wealth pyramid through microfinance projects and impact investment solutions.
  • A "fingertips" experience: Millennials have been brought up in an era driven by technological advances. They have access to instant information and are connected. This gives them the power to change and impact the world. When it comes to consumption, they favor technology brands.
  • Fun, health and leisure: Millennials are price sensitive as most graduated during the financial crisis. They prefer spending their money on experiences that connect them with their friends. As a result, Millennials brands have emerged.
  • Millennial housing: Millennials' housing needs differ from those of former generations. Alternative forms of housing such as singles living in micro apartments reflect Millennials' needs and values (such as individualization) and are becoming more widespread. 
Global greenhouse gas emissions by sector

Global greenhouse gas emissions by sector

Source: IPCC (2014), Environmental Protection Agency, Credit Suisse