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Stronger together. What we can learn from successful families.

Families are the smallest entity in society. Within this social microcosm, the basics of communication and issue resolution are both taught and learnt. Generations not only confront each other but also progress together toward common family goals, providing a global blueprint to long-term success.

Successful families uniquely merge the different needs and hopes across generations with a firm eye on the future. They have learnt to listen to the voice of the younger generation and to merge it into a thriving, multi-skilled and multi-generational team. This ability to include the next generation early on – as well as their new ways of thinking and behaving – is key to developing long-term, sustainable solutions. This capability makes families the benchmark for a successful and more inclusive future.

For the third consecutive year, the YIO and Credit Suisse hosted an exclusive evening during the WEF. The goal?

  • To connect the next generation of entrepreneurs with top managers of established businesses, investment professionals and global philanthropists.
  • To trigger an open and multi-generational discussion around the topic of creating legacies.
  • And to learn from families represented by Valerie Rockefeller and Jaden Smith, and hear their views on how we can create a future together – across generations – that benefits everyone.
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