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Sergio García and the Greatest Match Ever?

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From the rolling hills of Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota, to the beautiful lake scenery of the Domaine Impérial Golf Club in Gland, Switzerland. Credit Suisse's golf partner Sergio García returns to Europe just days after making a record eighth appearance in one of golf's most prestigious tournaments. At an exclusive guest event for Credit Suisse, Sergio shared some exclusive stories about what goes on behind the scenes at the Ryder Cup.

The legendary Ryder Cup just took place at the end of September in the United States. Not only is this team tournament the most important intercontinental golf event, it is also one of the world's most fascinating in the sport. No other golf tournament stirs as much emotion as the Ryder Cup.

Having participated previously seven times with five wins, our golf partner Sergio García is one of the most experienced and successful players in the Ryder Cup. In 2016, he participated for a record eighth time and with 19 birdies in his singles match with Phil Mickelson, he played one of the best duels in the history of this extraordinary competition.

Credit Suisse was thrilled that Sergio García took this time to review his Ryder Cup week and give us his personal account of what happened in Minnesota. We look forward to watching Sergio's progress over the rest of the golf season and hopefully see him qualify for the next Ryder Cup in Paris in 2018.