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Roger Federer: "Tennis is a school of life that will also help me in the future"

Roger Federer feels ready for life after tennis. Which is not to say that he is thinking of retiring yet. 

Roger Federer has often been written off – literally. Whenever he suffered a loss of form, you could read in bold print that the time had come and his career was over. But, as regular as clockwork, he proved such overhasty predictions wrong and came back, particularly impressively at the beginning of 2017 with his triumph at the Australian Open. Roger Federer is the second oldest tennis player to have won a Grand Slam title. Nonetheless, at some stage in the not too distant future, he will hang up his racket for reasons of age. What then?

He will be doing a lot of philanthropy, he says, and spending plenty of time with his children. In addition, he still wants to be doing things in the business world and be involved in tennis in some shape or form. "Having faced difficult moments and injuries, and traveling, was an incredible life school," says Federer. "I hope it's going to help me to anticipate, to stay calm, to be good under pressure."