"Robert Delaunay and the City of Lights" at Kunsthaus Zürich
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"Robert Delaunay and the City of Lights" at Kunsthaus Zürich

In the exhibition "Robert Delaunay and the City of Lights," Kunsthaus Zürich offers viewers a fresh look at the oeuvre of this major artist in addition to presenting Delaunay's vibrant, well-known works. As a partner of Kunsthaus Zürich since 1991, Credit Suisse is pleased to invite you to this unique exhibition.

The ticket campaign will start on August 22, 2018, while supplies last. Tickets can be obtained from the Credit Suisse branch at Zurich Paradeplatz. 

A maximum of two free tickets per person will be exchanged for a completed form. The offer is open to all natural persons aged 14 or over domiciled in Switzerland. Employees of all companies belonging to Credit Suisse Group AG are excluded. Receipt of the tickets is not subject to the conclusion of a legal transaction. A cash payout of the tickets is excluded.

Paris was, is, and will remain a veritable magnet for artists. It was in the early decades of the twentieth century, however, that the city witnessed an unparalleled artistic heyday: Artists from across the globe flocked to the French capital to live and work as composers, writers, sculptors, and painters, developing countless art movements, which cross-fertilized and brought about new and revolutionary ideas. For the later Nobel laureate for literature, Ernest Hemingway, Paris was simply a "Moveable Feast." Robert Delaunay, a central figure of the Parisian avant-garde and one of the most influential artists of the first half of the twentieth century, was inevitably influenced by the modern metropolis. Paris, his native city, shaped his pictures and inspired his painting experiments. As he developed his methods of abstraction, Delaunay was especially interested in light, the effect of color, and the visual process in itself. Until art was freed from its representational function, he was convinced it would remain merely descriptive and thus condemned to the servitude of imitation.

Kunsthaus Zürich is presenting around 80 paintings and works on paper, covering a broad spectrum of Robert Delaunay's work, from the artist's early Divisionist portraits, created around 1906–07, to his designs for the aeronautics and railway pavilions at the 1937 World's Fair in Paris. A selection of photographs and films from the period enriches the exhibition

More information is available at: www.kunsthaus.ch/delaunay/en/

Robert Delaunay, Les Coureurs, 1924–1925