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Health is our most precious asset. At the 5th Private Innovation Circle in Hong Kong, two out of a total of eight young companies presented solutions to help improve quality of life for patients with pain and diabetes.

The 5th Private Innovation Circle offered two medtech companies the chance to engage in dialogue with potential investors, who, in turn, received first-hand insight into a fascinating sector with great potential. The conference showed impressively that Credit Suisse attaches the highest importance to the needs and issues of entrepreneurs.

5th Private Innovation Circle. Exploring new dimensions in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

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Sana has developed a mask for patients living with chronic pain. It relieves all types of pain that diminish with growing relaxation. Light and sound stimulation guides the patient from a stressful state to a state of relaxation in about ten minutes. In 2015/16, Bertrand Piccard relied on this mask to help him rest and get enough sleep on his round-the-world journey in a solar-powered airplane.

DayTwo offers a solution for diabetics and health-conscious people who would like to personalize their nutrition and manage their blood sugar levels. It starts by sequencing the DNA of a person's gut microbiome. DayTwo then uses its own algorithm to prepare a personalized nutrition profile based on the analysis of the gut microbiome, biometric data, and other information pertaining to the person's lifestyle, medical history, etc. Clients use an app to receive personalized nutrition recommendations that let them balance their blood sugar levels.