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Not Just a Renowned Golf Professional, but Also Socially Committed

In this third installment of our mini-series, Sergio García, Credit Suisse's golf partner, talks to us about his foundation and how it gives back to society, even in Switzerland.

Sergio has been dedicated to golf from a very young age, and is now one of the top players in the world. However, he is not just a passionate golf player of international renown, he also assumes social responsibility. With his Sergio Garcia Foundation he is just as passionate about focusing on the integration of physically or socially disadvantaged kids. He tells us about his foundation's efforts and how he is also getting involved in Switzerland.

To find out more, take a look at this short clip and watch out for further clips in our mini-series to follow.

About the Sergio Garcia Foundation: The Sergio Garcia Foundation is focused on the social integration of disadvantaged children and young people through social assistance and extracurricular activities associated with sports. It promotes, develops, and funds golf clinics for disabled kids and young adults. The Sergio Garcia Foundation was established in February 2002 in Spain and in 2005 in Switzerland.