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Today's pioneers are entrepreneurs who push the latest technology to its limits. Find out how they are making big change happen and how networks can help.

Today's pioneers in the healthcare sector – Richard Hanbury

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Health-tech is a fast developing industry branch that uses technology such as wearables, applications or databases to improve healthcare. Its possible uses are almost endless, ranging from online diagnostics to developing new drugs and from personal devices helping manage chronic medical conditions to robotic nurses. Richard Hanbury is a pioneer in the new health-tech industry who showcased his product - a drug-free neuromodulation for the treatment of chronic pain and insomnia which provides relaxation and relief on demand – at the 5th Private Innovation Circle. Since then Sana has successfully completed clinical trials in Opioid Use Disorder (helping addicts in withdrawal) and Fibromyalgia.

Health-tech helps to improve health outcomes, be it through the promotion of healthy living, disease prevention and diagnosis or treatment and rehabilitation. These technologies include classic digitization solutions, the use of biotechnology, big data approaches or the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare research and development or delivery. These new technologies can also dramatically reduce costs across the healthcare industry. Health monitoring through apps now cover fitness, diabetes monitoring and food intolerances. The potential impact of such approaches has yet to be fully understood.

By bringing together pioneers in their fields with prominent political, economic, financial and academic figures, we can spark debate and ideas to shape burgeoning industries like health-tech. The importance of a broad network of expertise cannot be underestimated. We aim to use our network to further yours.