Impact Investing: Building Bridges across Generations
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Impact Investing: Building Bridges across Generations

Millennials, the next generation of investors, have a clear vision when it comes to investments. They want to make and see impact. Credit Suisse shares this vision of creating value for shareholders and wider society at the same time. True to the spirit of Davos, we hosted an event to connect today's and tomorrow's investors, to explore new impact investing concepts and to discuss how we can shape the future together.

It is estimated that in the next few decades, the global population under the age of 30 (Millennials) will inherit over USD 40 trillion. A major factor that unites this generation and differentiates them from previous generations is a sense of global connectivity combined with a feeling of collective responsibility for the well-being of the world. In terms of investments, this distinct millennial philosophy means that they do not just care about financial returns. Millennials want to see what impact their investments have and how they can do good for society or the environment.

Together with the Young Investors Organization (YIO) and The ImPact, Credit Suisse discussed at a Next Generation event at this year's World Economic Forum how to create impact that affects a billion people. Watch the interview on the investment vision of the next generation with the keynote speakers of the event: Iqbal Khan, CEO International Wealth Management Credit Suisse, Valerie Rockefeller, Chair Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Justin Rockefeller, Board Member of Rockefeller Brothers Fund and The ImPact, and Global Director of Family Offices and Foundations at Addepar.

Interview with Iqbal Khan, Valerie Rockefeller and Justin Rockefeller. 

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