Impact investing and the next generation
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Impact investing and the next generation

Podcast: The next generation of powerful investors speaks about how they activate change by moving away from a material world into one of sustainable and profitable growth.

The biggest transfer of wealth in history is currently underway, and the new inheriting generation is changing the principles in business. They are taking an active role in tackling pressing environmental and social issues by means of impact investing and by financing innovation. Their business transformation behaviors are particularly influential, as they use their noteworthy wealth to drive change on a larger scale than most.

Investing profitably and sustainably

The powerful new generation of inheritors approach capital investments based on the principle "If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." 

Our guests in this podcast not only talk about their personal incentive to conduct business by following a meaningful purpose. They also give us examples on how they use their influence to integrate sustainability in business and investing while still achieving their financial potential. In this new way of doing business, sustainability standards are at the core and across the business value chain.

In our Credit Suisse podcast series, experts and entrepreneurs address the changing dynamics in wealth, finance, sustainability and innovation.