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How the Roger Federer Foundation Helps Children in Malawi

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Growing Up in Malawi – Episode 9: Report on the Foundation's Largest Education Initiative.

In 2009, as part of its long-term partnership with Roger Federer, Credit Suisse undertook to support the Roger Federer Foundation (RFF) for ten years with one million dollars per year. These newly acquired funds enabled the RFF to launch a new, long-term initiative to support early-childhood education in Malawi in 2011.

The documentary series "Growing Up in Malawi" has been providing information on the progress of this RFF initiative, carried out locally by the aid organization ActionAid Malawi, since 2011. To this end, a video team accompanies project manager Janet Kuyeli on her regular visits to two selected model after-school day care centers. One is the after-school day care center in Thundu, which is located in a rural area and was built from scratch, and the other is the renovated day care center in Mbwetu, in the semi-urban area close to the Malawian capital Lilongwe.

In the current, ninth episode, Janet Kuyeli is specially focusing on the difficult topic of hygiene. Among other things, she is searching for reasons why so many children still come unwashed to the after-school day care center in Thundu, especially since the situation in the satellite day care center in Mutumba is significantly better. There the center proves not only to be a real gem, but the restrooms are also very nice, showing that hygiene is possible with the simplest means.