Exploring Where New Growth Starts: Credit Suisse's 4th Private Innovation Circle
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Exploring Where New Growth Starts: Credit Suisse's 4th Private Innovation Circle

Nine game-changing ventures presented their unique business ideas to investors and showcased that we are already in the midst of an Artificial Intelligence revolution.

Can you really keep all your passwords securely, so that only you can access them? Is it possible to ensure that the branded bag you’re buying on the internet is not a fake? Is there a shorter, smarter way to take care of the administration of your different insurance products or the finances of your small business? Well, the answer to all the questions is a resounding ‘yes’ as trailblazing solutions for the problems above, and many more, demonstrated at the 4th Private Innovation Circle.

Hosted by Iqbal Khan, CEO of International Wealth Management, at the Robotic Fabrication Laboratory of ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) in Zurich, the 4th Private Innovation Circle showcased nine pioneering ventures that have successfully introduced groundbreaking innovations. 

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The ventures, which came from around the world, were handpicked from 140+ nominations by the PIC Committee on the basis of the innovative power of their business ideas, their revenue generation potential, the track record of their management teams, and their plans to scale up to the next level. 

After 5-minute introductory pitches the audience of 120 global investors could attend in depth presentations by the ventures of their choice.

Company name


Transformative ideas


Chemistry, materials

Advanced display technology that allows TVs to show the full range of colors and reduce energy consumption by 75%. 


Fin tech, cyber security, ID management

A wearable add-on for the watch that allows to store all the passwords safely because each person’s unique wrist vein pattern.

Hanson Robotics

Robotics, artificial intelligence, consumer electronics

Highly intelligent robots that can emote and enchant

Medial EarlySign

Healthcare, artificial intelligence, population health

Clinical insights that make so much more out of regular medical data allowing for easy and focused identification of 'at risk' people


IoT software, anti-counterfeiting technology, blockchain

Secure, unique identifiers to connect all products/packaging to the internet to eliminate counterfeit risk.


Construction, geo-spatial software, technology

A technology enabling large construction teams to interact with a digital replication of their site through a cloud-based platform



Personalized insurance across all products for a single, flat payment


Artificial intelligence, machine learning,  visual recognition

AI algorithms that learn and perform visual tasks, just like humans, for the insurance industry.


Financial services

End to end solutions combining AI and human experts for managing the financials of small businesses.

In a discussion on venture capital, panelist Klaus Hommels, founder and CEO of Lakestar, distinguished between the early stage, when the investor needs to be a believer and risk-taker, and the next stage, when the investor can provide other inputs which should be part of a professional VC’s toolkit e.g. on public relations, regulatory affairs. Niklas Östberg, Co-Founder and CEO of Delivery Hero, emphasized how entrepreneurs value investors who not only provide capital but also offer help with their networks, and give ventures the courage and freedom to run with their plans.

The 4th Private Innovation Circle brought home to the audience very clearly what moderator Nicole Arnaboldi, Head of Direct Equity Partners at Credit Suisse, said: "We are in the middle of a big AI-driven societal revolution, akin to the mechanization revolution the world went through 150 years ago."

Written by Sarbari Dasgupta, journalist.