Evolving labor market. The impact of technological transformation.
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Evolving labor market. The impact of technological transformation.

The future of work in the age of rapid technological change is of shared interest and concern. Our think tank examines it in detail.

AI & The Future of Work is the latest report published by our in-house think tank, the Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI). Produced in conjunction with leading economic, social policy and technology professors, the report explores the growing impact of technological progress on employees, businesses, and society.

Key findings show that, as technological implementation requires deep investments and effective AI transformation strategies, computers and robots are likely to be used only where they lead to productivity gains, triggering new tasks for workers. These new tasks must be first explored and further developed by humans before being automatized by machines. Adapting our professional skills is therefore vital in future proofing our employment security in this labor market evolution.

In the process, legislation needs to adequately address how to socially protect workers’ rights given the changing nature of work, especially with the new flexible contract models. Ethical and constitutional aspects must also be comprised in market labor law to ensure that computer technology benefits humans at the end and builds on the social advancements already in place.