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Emerging Consumer Survey 2019: India maintains lead in consumer optimism

The Credit Suisse Research Institute spotted India once more with top consumption outlook, whereas Chinese consumers are dimmed by global political tensions.  

The ninth annual report about consumer trends in emerging markets is out: The Emerging Consumer Survey 2019 by our Credit Suisse Research Institute provides a unique perspective on consumption based on 13,285 detailed face-to-face interviews conducted across eight countries.

Understanding consumption

The interviews were designed to analyze the profile, mood, and behavior of consumers currently shaping global consumption in India, Brazil, China, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, and Turkey.

Influencing demographic factors, such as age, gender, region, and income level have been assessed to further enrich the findings. The result: valuable information for investors about these eight emerging markets’ consumer environments, perceptions, financial situations, fears of inflation, and income momentum – the key to ultimate spending.

This year's edition spotlights Thailand,  the new incomer to the consumer survey scorecard ranking. We also dedicate a chapter to "the mood of the millennials", exploring the consumption preferences and priorities of this growing important player across markets.

Optimistic outlook

The results show that, although 2018 brought some cyclical challenges, sentiments of most respondents confer a positive perspective.

Some of the mood assessment key findings are:

  • India continues to top the relative ranking in consumption optimism. Its resilient economy and improvements in infrastructure - such as roads, internet, and electricity – have been positive drivers
  • China is seeing the effects of the trade tensions with a tempering consumer confidence, although still ranking high in relative terms and holding the second largest pool of wealth worldwide
  • Brazil and Mexico, Latin America's largest economies, have a new found optimism which has rapidly upgraded their consumption outlook, showing the strongest regional positive development
  • Weak currencies and political risks are deteriorating economic sentiments in Russia and Turkey

Download the report to find out more about the influencing consumption behavior in India, Brazil, China, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, and Turkey.