Credit Suisse Hosts Open House at the MASI Lugano
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Credit Suisse Hosts Open House at the MASI Lugano

As one of the museum's long-standing partners, Credit Suisse hosted an open house to celebrate the Picasso exhibition at the Museo d'arte della Svizzera italiana (MASI Lugano).

A total of 2,136 visitors took part in the Credit Suisse open house at the MASI Lugano on March 19. The MASI Lugano paid tribute to Spanish artist Pablo Picasso in this year's main exhibition "Picasso. Uno sguardo differente" in collaboration with the Musée national Picasso-Paris. The exhibited works of art, all created between 1905 and 1967, highlight the significant impact Picasso had on the development of 20th century art. Visitors to the exhibition are also given the opportunity to see the artist's less well-known pieces, which reveal how his work evolved. The film below allows you to take another look at the successful Credit Suisse open house at the MASI Lugano.

MASI Lugano – Open Day 2018 (English)

Source: Credit Suisse

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