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Credit Suisse and University of St.Gallen strengthen research and teaching

Credit Suisse is entering into a new partnership with the University of St.Gallen (HSG) with the aim of strengthening research and teaching through the development of expertise at the interfaces between finance, management, and law. As part of this partnership, Credit Suisse is contributing CHF 20 million over the next 10 years to the promotion of education and research, while at the same time – in its capacity as founding and strategic partner – facilitating the establishment of the HSG Center for Financial Services Innovation, which will include the creation of several professorships.

The main areas of research will include digitalization, innovation, and entrepreneurship – all of which are key topics for Credit Suisse. Academia can provide valuable stimuli in these areas, and a direct reference to working practice can be ensured. In addition, the creation of the HSG Learning Center is being supported. This center of work and thought is scheduled to open in February 2022, and will offer new ways of learning and interacting to students, lecturers, and industry experts.

As part of this partnership, Credit Suisse will also become the HSG Campus Bank, and will get involved in a variety of campus and HSG activities, including workshops and presentations to students that focus on the themes of career planning and skills development.

HSG has a strong reputation as a center of learning in the area of business management both in Switzerland and internationally. The cooperation with this institution reflects the strong roots of Credit Suisse in Switzerland. The collaboration between HSG and Credit Suisse is designed to give as many young people as possible the chance to obtain basic and further training in areas that are of significance in both the academic and practical spheres. After all, well-trained people are and will remain key to the success of both Switzerland and Credit Suisse.

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