Connecting Entrepreneurial Ambition with Investment Opportunities
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Connecting Entrepreneurial Ambition with Investment Opportunities

The upcoming Private Innovation Circle will focus on bringing investors and entrepreneurs together for targeted investment opportunities.

Credit Suisse launched the Private Innovation Circle in 2014, with the aim of bringing our clients who are interested in venture capital investments together with promising new businesses. The initiative, which has so far taken place twice in London and once in Tokyo, has been successful in showcasing excellence in innovation in fields such as sustainability, artificial intelligence, bio tech and fin tech. It has facilitated the exchange of ideas and fostered networks that have subsequently developed into real investment opportunities and flourishing long-term strategic partnerships.

The 4th Private Innovation Circle builds on the initiative's success over the last three years, while focusing on further enhancing the matchmaking potential of the platform between investors and presenting companies, and ultimately increasing business impact.

The event will showcase eight to ten companies (the selection process is currently ongoing) that have successfully developed groundbreaking innovations and, most importantly, are actively seeking growth capital for their businesses. Companies will clearly state in advance their capital needs for the next 12 to 24 months.

The audience will mainly consist of transaction-minded clients and prospects who ideally have a proven track record of early-stage investing in an active or passive capacity. The entrepreneurs will present their ventures to this select group of investors in a marketplace-like setting. They will also benefit from the opportunity to network with Credit Suisse investment experts and other entrepreneurs.

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