Celebration of the National Gallery Art Education Program
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Celebration of the National Gallery Art Education Program

On April 25, Credit Suisse employees, City Year UK volunteers, students, parents and teachers gathered at the National Gallery to celebrate the successful outcomes of an art outreach program.

A collaborative effort between Credit Suisse, the National Gallery and City Year UK, the program, which began three years ago, provides an opportunity for personal and cultural development for at-risk students who might not otherwise visit the Gallery, or engage with the Gallery's collection. This academic year, the program worked with 50 students ages 11-14 from London and Birmingham.

I remember going to the National Gallery in Year 4 and I didn't like it at all, but this project I was a part of showed me how much thought and feeling people put into their drawings. I know that because working with City Year UK, I did the same when creating my art. That's what I will think about now when I see art work.

13 year old pupil

Throughout the program, City Year UK volunteers and students attend practical education sessions at the Gallery – the students are encouraged to reflect on and create their own artwork, based on what they learn and feel when visiting the Gallery's collection of paintings. In turn, the Gallery educators visit the schools to offer further guidance and support the pupils' work in progress. Get a glimpse of what and how pupils learn in this short film:

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With 'The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Monet & Architecture' currently running, Credit Suisse, City Year UK and The National Gallery are delighted to announce an upcoming project on Monet & Architecture beginning in June this year.

Learn more about Credit Suisse's partnership with City Year UK here.