Big Data and Digital Business: Technology Trends in Daily Life
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Big Data and Digital Business: Technology Trends in Daily Life

Technology trends took center stage at the Credit Suisse Latin America Investment Conference 2018. Of course, digitalization, artificial intelligence and big data bring both challenges and opportunities. What does the era of ever-increasing digitalization mean for business and politics?

For many retailers, marketing with artificial intelligence (AI) requires an investment of time and effort to learn how to work with it. Initially, this presents a stumbling block to adoption. However, for retailers that clear that hurdle, AI opens up significant new possibilities for marketing teams – instead of selling one message to all consumers, each individual can receive a customized experience via cost-effective mass marketing.

In the near future, companies will need to transform the way they think about digitalization, as those that can put a robust digital strategy at the heart of their business models will be the ones that gain a competitive edge. Humans will be affected by technology in many aspects of daily life, with some jobs potentially threatened by robots. This may be difficult for countries to respond to, as it's easy to predict the jobs that will be lost, but harder to predict the ones that will be created.

Policymakers should therefore look carefully about where to invest money in the skills of tomorrow, like information technology education. This is essential to make sure that the workforce can adapt positively to changes and be equipped for the strategic and creative jobs where humans remain at an advantage.

Digital trends will also have a profound impact on politics. For example, big data will lower the cost of building a campaign, and can be used to help make political campaigns more scientific. What's important to remember though is that it's up to people to decide how these new technologies are used. Without business and society, disruptive technology is just a directionless tool. It's up to people to find out what to disrupt.

Watch the video below for a recap of technology trends highlighted at the event:

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