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4,600 Reasons Why Internal Mobility Works

Internal Mobility is building long-term success stories for both employees and Credit Suisse. This ultimately benefits the client too, because those who stay on the move can provide better advice.

Ruchika Karakoti was ecstatic when she discovered she had been offered a job in New York. The 36-year old India native had been working at the Centers of Excellence (CoE) in Pune in Human Resources for three years when she saw an internal job ad for an exciting position in the city that never sleeps

"Receiving the job offer in New York was like a dream come true – from a career perspective and also on a personal level," she said. "I am delighted that the firm gave me the chance to make such a great internal move."

Discover New Talents Far Away

Ruchika is not alone, but rather one of thousands at Credit Suisse who have already benefitted from Internal Mobility, which offers employees exciting career opportunities in different roles, businesses or locations across the bank. Instead of looking outside the bank, employees in search of new positions are looking inside for roles that nurture their talent and enhance their skill. Moving to an internal role enables them to leverage their existing experience and gain even deeper knowledge of the bank.

In 2014, 4,600 employees around the world made an internal move. Over 42 percent of all global vacancies were filled internally, and a remarkable 53 percent of all senior level roles (Director/MD) were filled internally. Credit Suisse has become a leader in encouraging employees to make internal moves.

Mobile Employees Provide Better Advice

Internal Mobility also benefits Credit Suisse by creating a pool of well-rounded, highly-qualified and motivated employees who, in turn, better serve the needs of their clients.

"Internal Mobility is important to the bank because we're serving sophisticated clients who have very complex needs," said Pamela Thomas-Graham, Chief Marketing and Talent Officer. "The more our people move around the bank and understand our different products and services, and understand the nuances of different geographies, the more likely that we will be able to deliver the solutions that our clients are demanding."

Pamela's view is echoed by Ruchika and other employees. "I am a big believer in Internal Mobility; it has helped me both understand more and contribute more," she added.

Out of the Comfort Zone

Interest in Internal Mobility continues to grow, and the growth of our CoEs is one of the driving forces.

"I recommend Internal Mobility to get out of your comfort zone – to seek a challenge. It provides the opportunity to see the bank from another perspective," said Karolina Gatner, who had the chance to change roles within the CoE in Wroclaw.

Credit Suisse opened its first CoE ten years ago in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we now have additional CoEs in Pune and Mumbai in India, and in Wroclaw, Poland. The CoEs are integral to the bank's success, and have become a pipeline for talent. In 2014, more than 650 CoE employees changed roles or businesses, and over 100 employees from the CoEs accepted positions in other regions - double the number of moves from the previous year.

"It's always been our intention to offer CoE employees the same career opportunities and chances for mobility that we offer employees in our other locations," said Christian Fenner, COO of TB&C and global head of the Centers of Excellence. "This strategy is clearly taking effect. Internal Mobility is helping us build more well-rounded professionals with varied careers over time, which makes it possible for us to deliver the entire firm to clients."