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Statement from the CEO of Credit Suisse

In response to current speculation in the media and on the internet about a potential candidacy in the presidential elections to be held in the Ivory Coast in 2020, Tidjane Thiam, Chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse, has issued the following statement:

“I have made a long-term commitment to Credit Suisse and its clients, employees and investors, that I will lead this bank. Having spent three years at the helm of Credit Suisse, my task is not yet completed and I have every intention of continuing with it. The strategy that we have designed for Credit Suisse and are executing with discipline is delivering good results. I therefore intend to remain in post as CEO of Credit Suisse and to oversee the development of our activities following this period of deep restructuring.

I have close ties to the Ivory Coast, where I was born, and to Africa. I spent six years working for the government of the Ivory Coast and I have made many contributions to the development of the country. As many Ivorians know, I contributed to the construction of roads, primary schools, high schools, hospitals, wells, and power plants throughout the Ivory Coast, as well as to the Third Bridge of Abidjan – one of the largest in Africa – a project which I initiated and developed over a period of several years.

I am both humbled and honored by the encouragement and support I have been shown recently by many of my fellow Ivorians and more generally by a large number of Africans. I am very touched by this and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to them. However, I have said repeatedly for a number of years that I am determined not to get involved in politics.

There are many ways to contribute to the progress of the Ivory Coast and Africa. The future will be built not only by politicians but also by farmers, nurses, teachers, doctors, and mechanics as well as business leaders – in other words, by every sector of society. I am a manager, and I believe that what I have done so far in my life and in my career as an African leading a major global company – and what I continue to do – is helpful to the cause of Africa and Africans. I am involved in a private capacity in many initiatives and activities that contribute to the development of Africa and I will continue to support projects that aim to improve the living conditions and the future of all Africans.