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Credit Suisse trades more than USD 1 billion in derivatives linked to the Credit Suisse RavenPack Artificial Intelligence Index

As of December 31, 2021, Credit Suisse has traded more than USD 1 billion in notional in derivatives linked to the Credit Suisse RavenPack Artificial Intelligence Index (Bloomberg ticker: CSRPAI5E Index).

A result of a collaboration between Credit Suisse and RavenPack that first began over 4 years ago, the index leverages the power of big data analytics to make sector allocation decisions in a tradable and systematic way.

The index aims to gain exposure to sectors of the U.S. economy with stronger sentiment as determined by a news analytics algorithm developed by RavenPack, which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to objectively analyze thousands of company news published by reputable sources across the globe in milliseconds.

The Index also implements a strategy that combines equities and fixed income, complemented by a daily risk control mechanism.

"By bringing together complementary expertise, Credit Suisse and RavenPack have provided an objective and quantitative approach to information gathering and we are proud of this collaborative success Not only has the index recorded a 6.7% annualized performance* since its launch in 2017, but it also has offered a window into the attractiveness of asset allocations systematically selected by sophisticated data-driven analysis" says Mike Heraty, Head of Institutional Solutions at Credit Suisse.

"This milestone achievement by Credit Suisse illustrates how artificial intelligence has reshaped the landscape of equity investment: sentiment analysis now drives alpha discovery, and RavenPack data delivers the quality and depth of signals that enables it." says Armando Gonzalez, President and CEO, RavenPack.

*Source: Credit Suisse. Bloomberg. Data collected from October 6, 2017 to December 31, 2021. Past performance (actual or simulated) is not an indicator of future performance.