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Credit Suisse raises USD 595 million for healthcare impact-focused Quadria Capital Fund II

Credit Suisse's Impact Advisory and Finance Department and Private Fund Group, within International Wealth Management, capture growing investor enthusiasm for the healthcare impact space through the successful fund placement across private banking and institutional clients.

In February, Credit Suisse completed a fundraising of USD 595 million for Quadria Capital Fund II, L.P. (the Fund), the second flagship vehicle of Quadria Capital ("Quadria"). The Fund invests in leading Asian healthcare companies and aims to help bridge the needs gap across the region. Fund II builds on the successes of Fund I with a continued focus on the healthcare industry fundamentals driving opportunities in the region, especially the increasing demand for healthcare infrastructure such as hospitals as well as healthcare access to high quality products and services in underserved markets. Quadria's investments are focused on delivering positive investment returns while also having a constructive social impact.

This successful fundraise is another illustration of the growing demand for impact investing strategies from a range of investors.

Credit Suisse worked closely with Quadria to articulate to investors how the Fund focuses on building sustainable businesses that address healthcare access, affordability and awareness across its target markets in South and Southeast Asia. Quadria's target markets are characterized by a significant demand-supply gap, which Quadria's large and scalable portfolio companies are optimally positioned to address.

Marisa Drew, CEO of Impact Advisory and Finance at Credit Suisse commented: "We were delighted to act for Quadria as a distribution partner for this high impact, mission-aligned fund management team.

Quadria has a proven track record, over a sustained period, of delivering both top tier private equity returns and deep impact to those it serves in South and Southeast Asia.

Asia is rapidly becoming the world's largest healthcare market, driven by secular megatrends of population growth, longer life spans, urbanization, and the emergence of western chronic diseases, the burden on the largely government-funded health systems requires new business models and the need for private capital solutions, particularly for those at the base of the pyramid.

These market fundamentals form the basis of Quadria's investment thesis and have opened up an opportunity for investors to gain exposure to the sector's underlying growth while also having a tangible positive social impact on communities across the region."

The Fund was placed with a wide variety of private banking and institutional clients across the United States, Europe and Asia, including leading global asset managers, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and development finance institutions. Our clients were particularly interested in Quadria's impact driven investment process, how social impact sits at the core of Quadria's strategy, and how ESG performance is very much built into every step of the investment process.

Michael Murphy, Global Co-Head of Credit Suisse's Private Fund Group said: "We believe the fundraising outcome demonstrates Quadria's differentiated positioning at the forefront of the fastgrowing Asian healthcare market, as well as the firm's ability to deliver attractive returns in tandem with inherent positive social impact on the communities in which its portfolio companies are active."

Quadria partners with healthcare companies in the Asia-Pacific region to help emerging industry leaders through an active and collaborative investment strategy. To date the firm has made over 20 investments in leading healthcare businesses across the region, which have cumulatively treated over 17.5 million patients, managed 2,500 hospital beds, funded 2,600 doctors and clinical staff as well as created over 11,000 jobs. Some of Quadria's portfolio companies include: Medica Synergie, the largest hospital chain in Eastern India; Soho Global Health, Indonesia's leading integrated pharmaceutical and healthcare company; Concord Biotech, a leading global firm in immunosuppressant and oncology pharmaceuticals; and Lablink, one of the largest pathology businesses in Southeast Asia and the largest in-hospital laboratory business in Malaysia.

Abrar Mir & Dr. Amit Varma, Managing Partners of Quadria Capital: "Partnering with Credit Suisse has enabled us to align with like-minded investors that are committed to providing sustainable and affordable healthcare for those that are the most vulnerable, whilst creating significant shareholder value."