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Credit Suisse’s Customized Fund Investment Group Hosts Conference on Small & Emerging Managers in Private Equity, Real Estate and In-State Investments

On September 11 – 12, 2013, Credit Suisse’s Customized Fund Investment Group (“CFIG”) hosted the seventh annual “Credit Suisse Conference on Small & Emerging Managers in Private Equity, Real Estate and In-State Investments,” in San Diego, California.

The Conference, which was open to all private equity professionals, was attended by approximately 400 representatives of U.S.-based pension plans, endowments, foundations, private equity managers and other industry participants. Through open networking sessions and panel discussions led by market-leading investors and high-quality emerging managers, the Conference provided a venue for developing strategic initiatives. Given CFIG’s growing activities in both private equity and real estate, the Conference included separate conference discussions for private equity and real estate attendees.

“As in years past, this conference provided a forum for constructive discussion among small and emerging private equity managers and key institutional investors,” said Kelly Williams, Head of CFIG. “CFIG remains committed to helping clients identify ways to gain exposure to the growing number of small and emerging managers in the private equity, real estate and in-state investment spaces.”

CFIG was pleased to host this year’s conference in a state in which it has a strong presence, with speakers including Liza Crisafi, Chief Investment Officer of the San Diego City Employees’ Retirement System.

Also speaking at the Conference was Christine Gogan, Senior Portfolio Manager of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (“CalPERS”). Ms. Gogan said, “We were pleased that CFIG held their annual emerging manager conference in California. As part of our ongoing partnership with CFIG to identify talented managers, numerous members of the CalPERS team participated in the conference. CalPERS is always searching for new and emerging talent, and we encourage managers to share their opportunities with us.” For more information regarding the submission of investment proposals to CalPERS, please visit: www.calpers.ca.gov/investmentproposals.

The private equity keynote address was delivered by renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Steve Case. Mr. Case is the Co-Founder of America Online, Chairman and CEO of Revolution and Chairman of The Case Foundation. Revolution is an investment firm that has backed more than two dozen companies. Mr. Case was interviewed by Michael Sacks, Chief Executive Officer of Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P. The real estate keynote address was delivered by Michael Acton, Managing Director of AEW Research. Mr. Acton has 27 years of experience as an economic analyst and forecaster. He addressed the outlook for U.S. real estate as Fed policy points to a rising interest rate environment.

The Conference included the following panel discussions on noteworthy industry topics:
• CFIG’s Approach to Evaluating and Investing in Emerging Managers
• Outliers: Limited Partner Perspectives on Bucking the Trends
• The State of the Real Estate Emerging Manager Market
• The Challenges and Rewards for a First-Time Fund

Speakers and attendees that participated in the Conference included investment officers and trustees from Allstate Investments; California Public Employees’ Retirement System; Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association; Employees Retirement System of Texas; Houston Municipal Employees Pension System; San Diego City Employees’ Retirement System; Teacher Retirement System of Texas; U.S. Small Business Administration and Virginia Retirement System.

CFIG, which is based in New York City, currently manages approximately $31 billion in client commitments to private equity fund-of-fund and co-investment programs, and has programs in multiple states, including California, Texas, North Carolina, Oregon, New York and Michigan.