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Credit Suisse Holds Second Annual Global Macro Conference in New York: Focus on Growth Rates, Exit Strategies and Fiscal Timebombs

Credit Suisse’s Fixed Income Department held its second annual Global Macro Investors Conference in New York this week, bringing investors and experts together to tackle the most important themes facing today’s global financial markets. The event drew more than 320 attendees in a two-day forum that examined a full spectrum of relevant issues.

"Every investor and every investment has to start with consideration of the macro factors that will ultimately separate the long-term winners from losers,” said Credit Suisse Chief Economist Dr. Neal Soss. “The macro environment is something that we all share."

Credit Suisse launched the Global Macro Conference in 2010 as a unique annual forum to bring clients face-to-face with the world’s preeminent governmental, regulatory and financial experts from inside and outside Credit Suisse. The goal: to cut though all the noise and chatter and provide thought leadership that clients can put to work in making informed investment decisions.

"At a time when the news cycle is continuous and market professionals are bombarded with endless streams of information and opinion, we believe the need for real thought leadership is greater than ever," said Antonio Quintella, CEO for the Americas Region. “Based on the enthusiastic response to the Global Macro Conference, we are pleased that our clients share that view as well."

The theme of the 2011 conference was “A Global Economy on the Mend: Growth Rates, Exit Strategies and Fiscal Timebombs.” The aim was to make sense of the confluence of shifts in global monetary policy, financial regulation, political change and market dynamics. Among the key topics were exit strategies for central bank stimulus around the world, the shadow banking system, the shifting geopolitical landscape in the Middle East, the impact of regulation as Dodd Frank comes to fruition, and ways that investors are approaching financial markets in this rapidly evolving environment.

"The Macro Conference is a unique opportunity to bring clients, policy makers, government officials and thought leaders together under one roof to address the issues facing our industry today," said Gael de Boissard, Co-Head of Global Securities at Credit Suisse. "This conference is a key element in our client- focused strategy and reflection of our commitment to delivering ideas, resources and talent to our customers."

The two days of presentations, panels and keynote speeches were delivered by a global lineup of government and industry experts. Among this year’s top speakers were former U.K. Prime Minister Sir John Major; European Central Bank Principle Advisor in Market Operations Paul Mercier; Peterson Institute for International Economics Senior Fellow Carmen Reinhart; and Larry Meyer, Former Federal Reserve Governor and Co-Founder of Macroeconomic Advisors. Credit Suisse speakers and presenters included CEO of the Americas Antonio Quintella, Investment Bank Chief Economist Dr. Neal Soss, Head of U.S. Equity Strategy Doug Cliggott, Chief Global Strategist Jonathan Wilmot and Chief European Economist Robert Barrie.

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