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Portfolio management strategies now available to a broader clientele

Credit Suisse launches Triamant - an addition to the investment fund rangeCredit Suisse will be launching a new investment solution - Credit Suisse Triamant. This new product combines the advantages of professional asset management with those of an investment fund by providing an actively managed asset allocation, broad diversification, transparent reporting and access to alternative investments for an initial minimum investment of just CHF 1,000. Credit Suisse is thereby making it possible for a broader clientele to invest in investment strategies that in the past were generally reserved for comprehensive discretionary portfolio management mandates with a minimum initial investment of CHF 250,000. Triamant is managed by Credit Suisse and is subject to the Swiss Investment Fund Act.

Triamant is a variation on the traditional investment fund theme. The Credit Suisse specialists select the funds that are the best fit for the client's investment strategy from a universe of over 3,000 investment funds. The investors thus participate in pooled fund assets that are actively managed like a discretionary portfolio management mandate. The fund's assets are invested worldwide in traditional instruments like money market paper, bonds and equities, as well as in alternative investments. Triamant is available in three investment profiles - income oriented, balanced and capital gains oriented - in Swiss francs and euros.

With Triamant, Credit Suisse clients with an investment starting from just CHF 1,000 can benefit from the advantages of investment strategies that are used for Credit Suisse discretionary portfolio management mandates. In addition, this investment solution is suitable for restructuring, adjusting and strategically refocusing safekeeping accounts that comprise a large number of smaller positions.

Transparency is ensured with the publication of detailed monthly reports, which investors can obtain from their advisors or directly on the Credit Suisse website. Those who invest at least 50 units in Swiss francs or 30 units in euro also receive detailed quarterly reports that contain performance data as well as information on the asset allocation in the various asset classes and individual positions, thus giving them a deeper insight into the portfolio manager's strategy.

Aside from the issuing commission of 2%, a management fee of 1.5% per year is also charged.