Grant Applications

Please make sure you send us the following information:

Personal information (applicants / project managers)

Addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses

Description of the project

Project name / title
Description / contents of the project:

  • Objectives of the project
  • Project activities and implementation: How will objective(s) be reached?
  • Project start and end dates (incl. any interim objectives)
  • Context and background information on the project
  • Expected results

Budget and fundraising

  • Detailed budget listing all relevant expenditures
  • Fundraising targets and information on other donators and assured amounts (please send us information updates)
  • Fundraising strategy and the main actions planned
  • Annual account statements
  • Annual report

Opportunities and risks

  • Which positive changes are expected following the project implementation?
  • Are there circumstances that could endanger or slow down project implementation?
  • Project sustainability: Can the objectives that have been achieved be maintained in the long term?

The Fund’s Grants Committee assesses project funding applications twice a year (in spring and fall), and awards grants as appropriate.

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