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Direct Net is ideal for companies with small to medium-sized payment volumes. You can make payments quickly and easily from your computer or via your accounting software. The following functions are particularly useful for business clients:


Transmit accounts payable and salary payments by file transfer. Find out more.

Payment list

Compile a list of recurring payments and send them as required.

Salary list

You can implement special user authorization to ensure discretion for these sensitive payments.


Download your incoming payments and process them in your accounts receivable system. Find out more.


Receive, check, and pay your bills directly in Swiss francs and euros anywhere in Switzerland via online banking. More information.


Access your banking records quickly and easily. E-documents are digitally signed bank records that are delivered electronically. They are identical to the paper versions. Find out more.

User rights

Define which of your employees can access selected accounts or restrict their rights. Dual signing procedures can be implemented and payments awaiting authorization are clearly displayed.


Transfer your account movements to your accounting system as a data file (in SWIFT format).

Direct Net Self Administration

Administer independently your companies’ Direct Net User Rights.


* Telephone calls can be recorded.

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