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About Us

Credit Suisse Group is a leading financial services company, advising clients in all aspects of finance, across the globe and around the clock.

We operate as an integrated bank, combining our strengths and expertise in our two global divisions, Private Banking & Wealth Management and Investment Banking, to offer our clients advisory services and customized financial products.

This is Credit Suisse

A three-minute video providing viewers with a glance at Credit Suisse's history of over 150 years, its businesses and its role in economy and society.
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Investor Relations

This section provides shareholders, analysts, the media and other interested parties with relevant information, enabling a transparent assessment of the company's value. Including financial news, details on our financial results as well as information for shareholders and debt investors.
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Credit Suisse’s corporate governance complies with internationally accepted standards. We recognize the importance of good corporate governance and know that transparent disclosure of our governance helps stakeholders to assess the quality of the Group and our management and assists investors in their investment decisions.
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We believe that our responsible approach to business is a key factor determining our long-term success. We have a broad understanding of our duties as a financial services provider, member of society and employer. Our approach also reflects our commitment to protecting the environment.

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Sponsorship has been a firm feature of our corporate and communications strategy for more than 30 years, with culture and sports at the heart of our activities. In the cultural sphere, the main thrust of our sponsorship is supporting individuals, organizations, and institutions from classical music and the fine arts, from around the globe. In sports sponsorship, which is more nationally oriented, the key areas are football, golf, and equestrianism. Roger Federer, who has been a global ambassador for Credit Suisse since 2009, occupies a very special position.

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In our research section you’ll find forecasts and analyses relating to the economy, sectors, regions, and real estate, as well as detailed information on the financial sector and economic policy.
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